Review – Seiko Prospex GMT Kinetic Tuna Air Diver 200m aka SUN019

Edited : 17 Nov 2014

Photo 28-7-14 5 36 25 pm

Ah ! You guess it ! Its the long waited Seiko GMT Kinetic Tuna Air Diver. Yes, i was hunting for it the whole week as soon as i heard news that it was released. But it was sold out everywhere ! Found one piece yesterday and grab it without hesitation.  I am glad i found the bracelet model. (i am a bracelet guy !). Now for some small review.

Photo 29-7-14 12 01 15 pm

The Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver’s 200m watches is available in three versions. The SUN019 in steel bracelet, then there are the SUN021 and SUN023, both of which are on a new version of softer rubber strap with black PVD steel strap keeper. The SUN021 has a Black PVD coated steel case with a black PVD coated bezel.
They are nick named as the GMT Kinetic Tuna probably due to the shroud shape and its GMT Kinetic movement.


Mine comes in a black Seiko outer box with a inner Seiko Piano wooden box. Of course the manual and guarantee card too.

Photo 29-7-14 12 04 30 pm Photo 29-7-14 12 04 57 pm Photo 29-7-14 12 06 12 pm

The watch is well finished with brushed surface on the shroud area and bezel.  The steel shroud is screwed to a inner polished case, giving the watch an overall diameter of 47.5 mm and it wear BIG !. It seems removing the  3 x securing screw on the shroud will remove the inner case from the bottom (with bracelet removed). The GMT Kinetic Tuna is rated at 200m, and surprisingly has a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

The bezel is uni-directional and tight. The dial is easy to read and i like especially the raise indice. The hands are big, board and thick. Nice for a diver. Crown located at 3pm and is screw down. There is also a power reserve button at 2pm with screw down, lock function.

It has a Kinetic 5M85 movement, which has a GMT hand and date. Seiko Kinetic is powered by an oscillating weight (Rotor) that generates a electrical charge to its internal storage battery, which then powers the movement that keeps the time. Depending on charging level, a full charge the watch will run for about six months, with the second hand indicating the remaining power reserve when the button at two o’clock is pushed. The power reserve button has a screwed down function, locking the push button.
The lug are incorporated into the shroud and is 24mm width. Solid lug on the bracelet with flip-out diver’s extension. Clasps are very solid and well made, no rough pointy edge.

Photo 29-7-14 11 57 03 am Photo 29-7-14 11 58 56 am Photo 29-7-14 11 59 30 am Photo 29-7-14 11 59 55 am Photo 29-7-14 12 00 21 pm Photo 29-7-14 12 02 24 pm Photo 29-7-14 12 02 38 pm Photo 29-7-14 11 55 39 am

OK, let size the bracelet !

Push out the securing pin and pull it out with a plier.

Photo 29-7-14 12 13 16 pm

Photo 29-7-14 12 13 36 pm

Careful ! as there is a securing collet in the middle of the link.

Photo 29-7-14 12 14 49 pm

Photo 29-7-14 12 15 39 pm

Take it out for safe keeping. Remove the remaining link as needed.

Photo 29-7-14 12 12 37 pm

Sized !! Some wrist shot !

Photo 29-7-14 12 23 08 pm

Some lume shot !

Photo 29-7-14 12 08 25 pm

Some forum guys is asking for lug width confirmation. So here it is ! 24mm, YES ! 24mm !

Photo 30-7-14 3 58 44 pm Photo 30-7-14 3 59 27 pm Photo 30-7-14 3 59 51 pm

Photo 30-7-14 4 09 16 pm Photo 30-7-14 4 09 51 pm

Its my first time handling a Seiko 24mm fat springbar. Here is some photo of all the Seiko Fat Springbar ; namely 20mm, 22mm and 24mm !

Photo 30-7-14 4 01 30 pm Photo 30-7-14 4 00 50 pm

As mentioned earlier, the GMT Kinetic Tuna wears BIG on the wrist. Here is some photos with other watches for idea.

With the TST (custom fabrication from SCWF Tiger)

Photo 29-7-14 12 27 00 pm

With the Typhoon Tii (custom watch from JakeB)

Photo 29-7-14 12 28 14 pm

With the baby Tuna (custom shroud from yobokies)

Photo 29-7-14 12 24 45 pm

With the MM300

Photo 29-7-14 12 30 41 pm

With the Franken Monster.

Photo 29-7-14 12 29 34 pm

Lastly with the recently purchase Sportura SKA511.

Photo 29-7-14 12 32 42 pm

Photo 31-7-14 6 27 20 pm

Hope you guys enjoy the review ! Cheers !


Update (6 Nov 2014)

Reading about charging the Seiko Prospex GMT Kinetic Tuna Air Diver 200m aka SUN019 below :

Photo 6-11-14 11 01 43 am


I have bought the SUN021 !

Read it here :

Photo 15-11-14 3 10 22 pm






  1. Per Andersson · · Reply

    Looks very nice. I hope myself to buy it when it comes to Sweden. The diameter is 47, but how big is the thickness of the watch?/Per

  2. The thickness about 18.8mm.
    If you like big diver without much hassle of battery change (quartz) and constantly needs hand setting (auto).
    This maybe the best of both world watch.

  3. Per Andersson · · Reply

    Oops, it’s good fat / high as 18.8 mm. Pretty much if you compare it with a “tuna” at about “15 mm” I hope it does not get too big for me

  4. If you like the Tuna, than this should be OK.
    Trouble is to grab one fast when its launch.
    It got sold out pretty fast here !

  5. Per Andersson · · Reply

    I made a pre-order. But I do not know when it will come to Sweden. Probably in August

  6. Oh ! Thats nice ! At least securing one is not an issue for you.
    I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Let me know if there is anything i can asist.

    Cheers !

  7. Got one yesterday,great watch.
    Only problem,the diver extension hurts.
    Can I get a normal clasp for the sun 019 ?

  8. Yes it can be replace with regular clasp / or Seiko ones.
    Its a common complaint on the these Seiko scuba extension, some time it dig into your wrist.

  9. Per Andersson · · Reply

    Hello! Have had about a month Seiko Sun 019 and like it very much with it. But, I’m considering getting a straps instead of steel link. Do you have any suggestions on suitable straps that might fit or a link to a great website that produces bracelets?

  10. There are plenty of strap for 24mm lug ! If you are after leather strap, any Panerai style suitable strap is usable. You can try Should you need a thinner springbar to suit the new strap, you can find it here :

  11. love the watch..need extra links to fit over wet suit..can you help?

  12. Look for the Seiko Service Centre in your area. They should be able to help.

    *there is a extension function at the end of the clasp. Have you try that ?

  13. Would like to get the SUN019, but the rubber strap from the SUN021. Anyone know where I can purchase the OEM strap?

  14. You can purchase the OEM rubber strap from Seiko Service Centre.

  15. Where to buy a bracelet for stiko sun 019 p1??????

    1. Check out the Seiko service centre.

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