Review – Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511

Thanks to a forumer, i got a chance to buy and own a Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511 (pre-owned). Its term as a Seiko’s “Air Diver 200M” on the case back.

The Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511 has good quality case finish, the bracelet is stainless steel, solid link and seems better quality than other Seikos. Its dive clasp is similar to the MM300 <SBDX001> made of Titanium ; but same as the MM300, i find the wet suit extension too loose and gets extended too easy (the older version of MM300 clasp is better).  End links are also solid in 20mm width. Unfortunately as its pre-owned, there isnt any extra link available and its rather tight for me. I am waiting if the previous owner can find the extra link.

I like the red hour hand on the SKA511 dial, it has a sapphire crystal, case without crown measure 44mm and timing is excellent. The Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511 is a heavy watch, weight at 198g and definitely feels solid.

As the Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511 was purchased pre-owned, there is some dings at the 12pm bezel and also a little scuffing at 50 minutes bezel marking. Nothing serious, a little black paint can easily fixed it. I give the bracelet and clasp a little clean up and some light polishing.

image_zps5a1aab38 Photo 18-7-14 3 23 29 pm

As it didnt comes with the manual. Read some review on the net but none mention on the screw down “Power Reserve button”.
Dont get me wrong ! The button did worked ! But i am wondering if the “Power Reserve button” screw down ? As it seems to be cosmetic only and i cannot seems to turn the screw thread at all. Mmmmm………….

Photo 18-7-14 3 24 56 pm photo-sportura-SKA511P1

Anyway, some photo of the Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511. Enjoy the weekend !!

Photo 18-7-14 3 20 05 pm Photo 18-7-14 3 20 36 pm Photo 18-7-14 3 22 25 pm Photo 18-7-14 3 24 24 pmPhoto 18-7-14 4 09 10 pm

Edited 21 July 2014. 

A friend helped to relumed the bezel. Pretty interesting look after installing the relumed bezel. Nice ! Probably the only Seiko Kinetic Sportura SKA511 with lume bezel !

PS : Still unable to figure out whether if the “Power Reserve button” screw down ? …… so far

Photo 21-7-14 5 56 11 pm


On the charger :

Photo 4-2-15 9 29 54 am


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