New addition : Maranez Bangla Titanium (Part 2)

The Maranez Bangla has arrived ! You can read the (Part 1) earlier post in the below link.


The delivery is by FedEx courier and costed $50. Ordered on 1st July 2014 and arrive on 3rd July 2014. I received it on 5th July 2014 due to FedEx local logistic personnel issue.

Anyway, time for unboxing and some photos.

Photo 4-7-14 4 49 00 pm Photo 4-7-14 4 49 21 pm Photo 4-7-14 4 50 04 pm

There is no impressive Piano Wood box set here, the Bangla is delivered in a secured round tube black plastic container. I like it this way as it save on cost and pass the saving to the consumer. What we buy is a watch not a box ! Most of the time these box set gets thrash some where in the storeroom and forgotten anyway, so there is no need for presentation here.

What i want is my watch ! Maranez did it the way its suppose to be ! Kudos !

The Bangla comes mounted with rubber/silicon strap + an0ther distress leather strap (with blasted submarine design buckle, nice !). There is also a spare set of lug screw and a screw removal tool (see later part in the review). A guarantee card is also included.

Photo 4-7-14 4 51 53 pm Photo 4-7-14 4 51 43 pm Photo 4-7-14 4 51 47 pm

Removed the protective covering, and molested the Bangla as above !

Photo 4-7-14 4 52 32 pm

Its good to know that a triplock crown system is used. It adds water resist assurance. The crown is Big at 11mm, so its easy to use. Crown thread is smooth too.

Photo 4-7-14 6 04 22 pm

Oh, and the bezel does turn with ‘click’. It’s tight and firm. I didnt count the ‘click’ as its not important since its a plain bezel with NO marking. For me, as long as its pips are align at 12 am/pm, i am happy. (edited 9/7/14, counted the clicks = 120)

*i will be irritated about 3 things on a watch :

1) bezel not align 12 am/pm,

2) chapter ring not align at 12 am/pm,

3) hands not align at 12 am/pm ; which means it will not be aligned everywhere !!

and i know i am not the only one irritated by these !

**for some reason, recently random Seiko watch are showing these issue. Seiko are you listening ? Check those installer and QC personnel’s eye !


Photo 4-7-14 4 54 33 pm Photo 4-7-14 4 54 49 pm  Photo 4-7-14 4 55 41 pm Photo 4-7-14 4 56 33 pm

The lume is pretty good out of the box !

Photo 4-7-14 6 06 11 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 06 54 pm

The timegrapher is showing an acceptable timing and the usual low amplitude for Seiko’s movement. The only thing i would like to improve on is the beat error @ 1.1ms …… ehh it can be better than that. But that will not happen until some 6-8 months later as some may know …… Seiko’s movement needs a little “running-in” period.

Photo 4-7-14 6 07 39 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 08 17 pm

OK, i like it on the rubber/silicon strap as it matches the black dial. So i’ll leave it as it is.

Photo 4-7-14 6 21 21 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 19 35 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 19 52 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 20 36 pm

Some photos on the straps.

Photo 4-7-14 6 18 33 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 12 40 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 14 42 pmPhoto 4-7-14 6 16 52 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 16 11 pm

The Bangle size look big on paper but in comparison with many watch, it is acceptable in size. But its rather thick, my measurement is 17.6mm.

Photo 4-7-14 7 19 12 pm Photo 4-7-14 6 28 29 pm

It fit me nicely. I am glad i bought the Titanium model as it did not feel heavy at all !

Photo 4-7-14 6 23 07 pm

I particularly love the “women diver” logo on the back case and the rubber/silicon strap buckle. Its a nice touch.

Photo 4-7-14 6 26 05 pm

The lug screw removal tool is well made and fit well onto the lug screw. An item which i appreciate Maranez for including in the package.

Photo 4-7-14 9 14 54 pm

I am glad that i made the decision to purchase the Maranez Bangla. Time to enjoy it.



If you were to ask me to summarize on my impression on Bangle. I would say it a well made watch for the price and gives value to the consumer. For me, the watch suit my taste, style, price and function. I am looking forward to more value for money products offering from Maranez. Thanks for such a great Bangla watch !

Any area of improvement ?  The one (1) area that i feel can be look at are the hands. Both the brass and titanium model have case surface that are dull/blasted (brass will eventually tarnish and becomes dull). The hands on the Bangle are polished surface (shinning), a blasted surface will match the Bangla better !

Like those below :


Future improvement and mod ? I’ll probably have it regulated after the 1 year warranty period or so.

Mod ? Ohhh…..a NE15 (6R15) movement swap will be a good ! 50+ hour power reserve, direct swap ……… got myself thinking…………..Jake can you spare me one of those NE15 ?

Hope you like the review !


Edited : 15 July 2014

Mount on black leather with white stitching strap to match.

Photo 16-7-14 4 44 28 pm






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