For trade / sale : various NOS Seiko watch cases

For trade / sale are various NOS Seiko watch cases.

Note : Most of the cases has its original Seiko’s Crystal, bezel, case back, gasket ……etc. Most of them does not has the crown. If the photo is showing no case back, than its not there. I am not 100% sure the listed model are the correct one, the code is base on the information stated on the case back. Please do check the photo carefully or ask me for more photo in case there is any doubts.

Price : $46 each type

Trade : let me know what you have

Condition : New Old Stock (NOS). Some cases may have some scuffing on the case due to storage.

Shipping : $10 (i am willing to shipping international too)

Please contact me for paypal details.

Shipping is the same, combine qty is OK.


Seiko 5M43-0A48

Seiko 5M43-0A48

Seiko 5M65-0AB0

Seiko 5M65-0AB0 pg1 Seiko 5M65-0AB0 pg2

Seiko 7N43-0AM0

Seiko 7N43-0AM0 pg2 Seiko 7N43-0AM0 pg1

Seiko 7L22-0AD0

Seiko 7L22-0AD0 pg2 Seiko 7L22-0AD0 pg1

Seiko 7N42-0DE0

Seiko 7N42-0DE0 pg2 Seiko 7N42-0DE0 pg1

Seiko 7N42-0CW0

Seiko 7N42-0CW0 pg2 Seiko 7N42-0CW0 pg1

Seiko 7T92-0DX0 (PVD)

There is some scratch on the lower (right) lug area.

Seiko 7T92-0DX0 pg2 Seiko 7T92-0DX0 pg1

Seiko 5Y66-0AA0

Seiko 5Y66-0AA0 pg2 Seiko 5Y66-0AA0 pg1

Seiko 7N42-0CN0

Seiko 7N42-0CN0 pg1Seiko 7N42-0CN0 pg2

Seiko 7T92-0CW0

Seiko 7T92-0CW0 pg2 Seiko 7T92-0CW0 pg1

Seiko Unknown model (Rect shape, no case back)

Seiko Unknown pg2 Seiko Unknown pg1



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