New addition : Maranez Bangla Titanium (Part 1)

Have not been buying much non-Seiko watch for some time. Recently has been “poisoned” by some forum friends on this Maranez Bangla.

Who is Maranez ? I have different answer from my search on the internet.

One said they are from Taiwan :

another said it from China ……???

than another said its from Thailand ……???

My own conclusion is base on and information that Maranez is based in Thailand but the product itself is made in Hong Kong.

Also it seems most their products are named after Thailand Phuket Landmark.

Example :

Maranez Racha Racha is an island just off Phuket which is a popular dive site.

Maranez LayanLayan Beach in Phuket

Maranez Banglanamed after a popular road in Phuket. The road is known for its nightlife.

The most convincing evidence is this Fedex tracing from a buyer which shows the origin.


But this does not affect any of my perception on Maranez products ; as many well-known brands and mirco-brands are made in the same manner !

Maranez Bangla is a homage to the Ennebi Fondale (whom in turn is also a homage to the Panerai Mille Metri).

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1389705470.834544 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1389705450.880921

Nevertheless, the main attraction for me to this Maranez Bangla is the movement ! They are using Seiko NH35 (Seiko 4R35), a movement which i am familiar with ! Some may argue that they would prefers the Miyota 9015 which has a higher beat (28,800k vs 21,600). Yes and No ! Yes, no doubts Miyota 9015 has a higher beat, probably more accurate too. But…. i am looking from the parts availabilities/movement availabilities point of view. Lets say 4-5 years down the road, and the NH35 decided to fail ! Just buy any Seiko watch with a 4R35 and swap it !! Should it be fitted with a Miyota 9015….. sure i can find one from my sources but i am not sure if any novice will not encounter any problem getting one ….!~


Anyhow, here is the specification of the Maranez Bangla : (from their website)

Model: Maranez Bangla titanium
Movement: Seiko NH35 automatic
Case diameter: 47mm excluding the crown – lug to lug 58mm – height 15.5mm – weight on rubber strap 146g
Case material: Blasted titanium
Bezel: Blasted titanium
Crown: Screw down titanium crown 11mm
Crystal: Sapphire, inner AR coating
Dial: Black or blue,  Super Luminova C3
Water-resistance: 300m/1000ft
Strap: 24mm leather and 24mm rubber strap.
Buckle: Blasted stainless steel

T black ND.JPG.opt426x491o0,0s426x491

I have just placed an order with Maranez for their Titanium ones. 2 reason for buying the Ti model. Firstly its the only one available for me (there is also a sold out cheaper brass Bangla). Secondly at 47mm excluding the crown, its a HUGE watch ! With brass materials its going to be HEAVY !

OK, now lets wait for the delivery and i’ll add more photo and a review.

Cheers !


Part 2 can be found here :





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